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Backlog Meme Shirt

Perfect for the playful product manager with a never-ending to-do list, this bold black t-shirt says, "My backlog is bigger than your ego." Wear it to your next scrum meeting to add a bit of humor to the sprint, or sport it at a tech meetup to show you're all about getting things done—and having a good laugh while you're at it!


Soch hai apki Shirt

For thinkers and dreamers who love a good witty comeback, this black tee with “Soch hai apki” in stylish Urdu script is a conversation starter. It's the perfect pick for casual coffee chats or laid-back brainstorming sessions, adding a dash of fun and a pinch of sass to your ensemble. Wear it and make a statement without saying a word—ideal for anyone who takes their thoughts (but not themselves) seriously.


Product Soch Classic Black Tee

This is the classic black tee for product folks in the tech sector. It's super comfy for all-day wear, whether you're hanging out with friends or hitting up a Soch Cafe meet-up.


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